Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A visit from CocO A.K.A. my sis Karly

I haven't seen Karl since Christmas and now she is a big college Grad. We were so excited to have her come spend a few days with us. She was here for Rex's birthday and she got him a balloon launcher which he is really excited to use.
Meg loves Coco i think may be even more than me!
I remember when we were kids and Karly would come and get in my twin bed to sleep, she loves to be touching you, and she had this fuzzy blonde hair that would tickle your face. Meg is the same way. I think they were made to sleep together. I thought i got a picture but my camera was on video so you don't have to watch the video just a pic to give you an idea!
funny story... Karl was out with friends and came home late, when she came in she found Meg under the Kitchen counter picking the marshmallows out of the lucky charm box!

Karl and i went to the beach which was super fun.
Karl also got Rex a boogie board which i think Emma may have enjoyed a bit more!
Levi loves the sand already
Meg was in heaven and did not want to leave. The swim suit she is wearing is 12-18 months, and it finally fits this year!