Saturday, August 28, 2010

Canada family Pic

So over the years of our trips to Canada i have always taken a family picture at Cameron falls. Here are a few from the years gone by. This year the day I planned to take pictures we ended up doing a second regatta boat river run, then as luck would have it a nasty wind came and then the pouring rain. The kids were grumpy by picture time so we postponed. Then Rex left a few days early with his cousin, So we had to photoshop him into the pic.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last day before Nate heads back to School

AAAH the last day of summer!

Since i was to tired to get up and take a picture of Nate on his first day of school i decided to put his last day of summer! The Fab Family went to the beach to soak up some sun. I love how relaxed he looks! We love living close to the beach for those occasional trips we take. Nate keeps planning how he is going to make a shower to wash the sand off everything and everyone!


My kids had the best time in Canada. Thanks to my mom who orchestrated all these activities. We had bubbles and play-doh. Terra did space day. Katie did Hawaii day. Karly did olympic day. Jake did Regatta boats down the river On top of that Waterton got a new park. We went on hikes, with the kids custom made walking sticks. panned for gold! Boat rides. Fed the chipmunks. Needless to say i have a ton of pictures. Here is a small portion of them.