Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The biggest burp of his life!!!

Yup Rex was explaining to Nate when he got home from school the other day how he had had the biggest burp OF HIS LIFE!!! It was quit humerous to see the expression on his face when it happened. He was shocked by it. Then the pride in his voice as he told his dad all about it. I was so proud to be a mother of a true boy!

Car Wash

What better, or cheaper activity could keep the kiddos busy on a Sat.!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


FUn in the sUn in AZ with cousins

Yes i was one of the first to purchase a book thanks to my sister-in-law (jaime) and brittany. We all went to the book store at 11:00p.m. Yes Meg and Lily were still awake at midnight. Meg has been making this a habit for the summer. They had games and drawings, brittany put my name in and megs for the drawing. I won the raffle for second in line to buy a book. The best part was they drew Megs name out to be third in line! So brittany adopted Meg for the event and bought her books! 

my little human vanpire!

So i know everyone is done reading it and so am i! We have not had internet till yesterday so these are the catch up days. 

Friday, August 1, 2008

Snake River

Nate is having a much needed relaxing few days with the boys. He should be home Sat. night. We will head back to our house in Chino Hills, hopefully our gas will be turned on so we can have a warm shower! Then we will have to get the boxes unloaded in our house so we can walk around in it. Them Wed. Law School begins. AAAH i am kind of in denial that it is really happening but it is and i am so excited, and proud of Nate for making it happen. Now we just have to survive the next three years!