Monday, August 22, 2011

Someone got a hair cut!!!

actually he got them all cut!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This little cutie starts pre-school next week

I can't believe i'm done with cribs, diapers, and pretty school i'll have two days a week that are kid free. At least for an afternoon!

Back to school & Back to the Doctor

Emma and Rex started back to school. We now live close to the school so they get to walk. We went and got nielson concretes after there big day back to school.

Rex was not happy to be back to school. (i think he misses his old friends), but he came home happy with his day.
Emma missed her first day back since she had an Apt. with Dr. Muhonen in CA. She got to be with her old friends and they took her best friend out for breakfast in their P.J.'s (it's was suppose to be a surprise for her birthday, but i think she figured it out!!!)
Emma was so excited to have a rolling backpack. I think she wanted to go back to school just so she could use it! I was extremely nervous to send her back to school in her halo, but she wanted to go so bad i couldn't say no. The first 2 days have gone smoothly.