Saturday, February 23, 2008

I admit I'm addicted

So i figure the first step to recovery is to accept the truth! Thanks to a friend (you know who you are) I have recently learned about Webkinz. My mother-in-law bought me one for a photo shoot months ago and i didn't really get it, but now i do. See how it works you buy a pet and it comes with this code you key in at the website then you have a "Virtual Reality" pet that you feed, buy furniture, cloths, trampolines, swimming pools. You earn your money by playing games some like solitaire so now i can't stop playing because it's for my kids... YA RIGHT I see something in the store and i can't stop playing till i get enough Webkinz $. So there's my confession i hope I'm over it this week or my laundry is really going to get behind this week! : )

This is Spotzie our Bull Frog he currently has a posh 2 bedroom house huge back yard with a big screen TV, a scooter, a pool, and a trampoline. Their are many more things in his house but those are the best parts! His favorite food is pizza, and he is growing tomatoes in his garden!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Many Laughs

Kids say the darndest things. O.K. a little background to our story. We went to Cancun just before Christmas and we taught our kids a few basic spanish words. They thought they were fluent! So one of the days we drove down and saw some ruins, and on our way home Rex was laughing in this duck like laugh and turns to Emma and tells her, "That is how you laugh in spanish!" So yesterday Rex Is eating breakfast Emma is getting ready for school and Rex informs Nate he can laugh invisible. Yes he looks like he is laughing but the sound is invisible. no sound!

Friday, February 8, 2008

GIrLs NiGht ouT

It's always good to chill with just girls, and No kids!
We made these adorable cute necklaces for our girls, and got to enjoy Kara"s company because she has no girls!.
Thanks Kanoe for being such a cute host. I loved the X & O brownies.
My girls love their pretty' (that's what Meg calls hers, and she is so proud of it!)

Party Time

Emma got to join her cousins to Disney on Ice

Rex got to go to the Monster Jam with his Dad AAAAAH! (What a good dad) Rex of course loved it

Emma and her friend Piper went to the Hannah Montana concert in the movie theatre. Yes it was sold out! It was really fun i think the movie was more fun than the real concert would have been, it was like you were on stage with Hannah!, it was cute

Friday, February 1, 2008