Saturday, February 23, 2008

I admit I'm addicted

So i figure the first step to recovery is to accept the truth! Thanks to a friend (you know who you are) I have recently learned about Webkinz. My mother-in-law bought me one for a photo shoot months ago and i didn't really get it, but now i do. See how it works you buy a pet and it comes with this code you key in at the website then you have a "Virtual Reality" pet that you feed, buy furniture, cloths, trampolines, swimming pools. You earn your money by playing games some like solitaire so now i can't stop playing because it's for my kids... YA RIGHT I see something in the store and i can't stop playing till i get enough Webkinz $. So there's my confession i hope I'm over it this week or my laundry is really going to get behind this week! : )

This is Spotzie our Bull Frog he currently has a posh 2 bedroom house huge back yard with a big screen TV, a scooter, a pool, and a trampoline. Their are many more things in his house but those are the best parts! His favorite food is pizza, and he is growing tomatoes in his garden!