Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A visit from CocO A.K.A. my sis Karly

I haven't seen Karl since Christmas and now she is a big college Grad. We were so excited to have her come spend a few days with us. She was here for Rex's birthday and she got him a balloon launcher which he is really excited to use.
Meg loves Coco i think may be even more than me!
I remember when we were kids and Karly would come and get in my twin bed to sleep, she loves to be touching you, and she had this fuzzy blonde hair that would tickle your face. Meg is the same way. I think they were made to sleep together. I thought i got a picture but my camera was on video so you don't have to watch the video just a pic to give you an idea!
funny story... Karl was out with friends and came home late, when she came in she found Meg under the Kitchen counter picking the marshmallows out of the lucky charm box!

Karl and i went to the beach which was super fun.
Karl also got Rex a boogie board which i think Emma may have enjoyed a bit more!
Levi loves the sand already
Meg was in heaven and did not want to leave. The swim suit she is wearing is 12-18 months, and it finally fits this year!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rex's Party

We had Rex's party at the park which was a great idea, the kids had so much fun! We started with water balloon games then the kids ran and played. Then they ate. Then they ran and played. Then we did presents. Then they ran and played. Then we had cake and ice cream and they ran and played! and ended with the diet Coke geysers (see next post!) which the kids loved but many of the moms were very disappointed to see such good coke go to waste! I was totally stressing about how many kids would come because it is summer and people were out of town. I kept telling Nate their might be 2 or twelve kids at the parts. I was so relieved when a ton of kids came. We had a really good time. Happy Birthday Rex
For his gift from us we got him a safe, you might remember the post from earlier where Rex informed us if he was going to keep his candy from Meg he needed a safe so if our house burns down we will still have Rex's candy and pokemon cards!

For the cake i made these cake on a stick Pokeballs from Pokemon,
This is what they look like for all those who have no idea what Pokemon is!

The kids were really confused with the candles in the hamburger bun, but they wouldn't stick in the cake balls!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rex's Birthday



basketball buddie

Rex has made some good friends at basketball camp. And since we did his birthday party a week late. Rex though he could tell everyone it was his birthday, so they all sang Happy Birthday to him. Rex told Nick he needed two more dollars for a lego set he was saving for and he brought a hand made card with $2 in it. I talked to his mom and she said he organized it all by himself.

Meg's gymnastics

This is her teacher Miss Carissa. Meg loves her,
She is also Emma's cheer coach, and one day i was talking to her about Emma's cheer stuff and she started yell at me that that was her miss Carissa and to stop talking to her!
Meg did a back-walkover in class all by herself. Then she did it for me at home again,
I was amazed!

Emma has become a big help in taking care of Levi


These girls are on the Show stopper performing team and they love Meg.
Meg loves them.
Their are about 6 girls She does all her moves and the girls think she is amazing and they follower her around and do all the things she does, and are amazed at how good she is!
Meg is in heaven when these girls are around

Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day

Well Father's Day was a forgotten and neglected thing this year. Not because the fathers in my life are anything less than wonderful, but because my life has been to crazy, Thank heavens the kids made cards at school that were really funny or it would have been a really depressing day for Nate!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First week of summer

Rex did basketball camp at the high school, and won the coaches award... we got some video.

Emma did a cheer camp at the high school, she gets to cheer at a game in the fall. This is julie one of my young women

Girls had pictures for their dance class, dance rehearsal and the recital. Recital day was long and exhausting. Meg was sick so did we keep her home? No. We gave her medicine and sent her on stage, she did great, but you could tell she was lacking some of her usual Meg pizzaz, she will definitely be my performer. The girls really enjoyed it.
Meg fell asleep on our way to take pics I was so glad when she woke up in a good mood!

Emma ready to go I love her feather hair piece, you can't see it in the pics below
These two girls are sisters and in tap class. Hailey was also in her school class and Emma's best friend!
Emma also did a cheer class which was the opening number for the recital

Friday, June 19, 2009

Meg words

Dance is pronounced with a B... bance
Fart she says Toop
Flip flops are phiplots
Make-up is hiccups
Shirt is pronounced Shit
Sprinkles, which are used to get her to eat are called pinkles
She loves to comb hay (hair). She got a hold of some glitter gel and used it on him. a week later and he still has gold glitter in his hair!

Meg was sick today and she got a nap and when she gets a nap she always stays up late. Nate and i we sitting watching TV and in she came with a snack. She had hand picked grapes off the vine and divided them into separate bowls for nat me and herself it was really cute. For a wild kid she is very tender hearted and loving. Whenever she hurts someone else she gets more upset than the kid she hurt!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grads on a stick!

Thanks to bakerella

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Rex's best friend and first girlfriend is Emily G. At one point he told me that they kissed on the playground, he is denying the whole thing now. I'm not sure what is the truth!
She is a cutie.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I didn't purchase year books this year... so they handed them out on Mon. and when emma came home she had this Kleenex signed by her teacher and friends... Ingenious little girl!
REX wrote... I feel lucky because I have a perfect house, and friends, and family... AAAAHH how sweet is that..... and 4 cats and 2 dogs! What!!!!
Rex with Mrs. Aguilar 1st grade
Emma with Mrs. Cook 2nd grade

Just like her father!