Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rex's Party

We had Rex's party at the park which was a great idea, the kids had so much fun! We started with water balloon games then the kids ran and played. Then they ate. Then they ran and played. Then we did presents. Then they ran and played. Then we had cake and ice cream and they ran and played! and ended with the diet Coke geysers (see next post!) which the kids loved but many of the moms were very disappointed to see such good coke go to waste! I was totally stressing about how many kids would come because it is summer and people were out of town. I kept telling Nate their might be 2 or twelve kids at the parts. I was so relieved when a ton of kids came. We had a really good time. Happy Birthday Rex
For his gift from us we got him a safe, you might remember the post from earlier where Rex informed us if he was going to keep his candy from Meg he needed a safe so if our house burns down we will still have Rex's candy and pokemon cards!

For the cake i made these cake on a stick Pokeballs from Pokemon,
This is what they look like for all those who have no idea what Pokemon is!

The kids were really confused with the candles in the hamburger bun, but they wouldn't stick in the cake balls!