Friday, June 19, 2009

Meg words

Dance is pronounced with a B... bance
Fart she says Toop
Flip flops are phiplots
Make-up is hiccups
Shirt is pronounced Shit
Sprinkles, which are used to get her to eat are called pinkles
She loves to comb hay (hair). She got a hold of some glitter gel and used it on him. a week later and he still has gold glitter in his hair!

Meg was sick today and she got a nap and when she gets a nap she always stays up late. Nate and i we sitting watching TV and in she came with a snack. She had hand picked grapes off the vine and divided them into separate bowls for nat me and herself it was really cute. For a wild kid she is very tender hearted and loving. Whenever she hurts someone else she gets more upset than the kid she hurt!