Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rex & Crew

Nothin better than a cousin to dare you to stand on the edge of a cliff with you!!! Rex and Crew on bears hump


The family at the top of bears hump looking over beautiful waterton

Friday, July 27, 2007

Karly survives Canada

Well we survived Canada in one piece! (well most of us!) Karly was not so lucky and yet very lucky to still be alive. While hiking The highest peak in Waterton, Blackenstein. She was attacked not by a bear as you would suspect in these hills but by a huge rock! It was all a little crazy. Those on the hike had a wounded Karly to deal with (who was a trooper) in the rain with no flashlights it was pitch black. Nate who had hiked in from the end of the trail to take drinks and ice to the hikers ended up leading them to the trail. And us back at the cabin were worried sick and had to allert the R.C.M.P. that something might be wrong. In the end Karly ended up with stitches in 3 places on her hand the nail is gone but the nail bed is not damaged so it should grow back fine the tip of her bone was shatered and missing skin so she has to keep it bandaged till the skin rejenerates and the ct scan showed a crack in her skull, but caused no swelling in her brain, and she has blood in her inner ear so she can't fly for 6 weeks. She should be better just in time to make it back to Hawaii for school. So we are thankfull all turned out well

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Twins

Two is better than one, I got some darling picture of Kade & Chloe individually but i fell in love with the together shot. They were so cute i wanted a set of my own! Almost!!

Meg Vintage Style

O.K. for all you CS2 nuts that asked about the picture with emma this is the vintage package from Two Peas in a Bucket. I love it!

Goodman girls

Does it get any more girlie girl than these two cuties

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

More Fun in the Sun

California Fun in the Sun


Well I've now learned the best part about family vacations is the photo shoots i get to do with my kids. Oh Ya and there is the bonding stuff and all! We recently partied in California with Nate's family and had a grand time i got some awesome shots of my kids and the cousins. The hard part was i had to wait for the trip to be over to see them bigger than my miniature 1x2 : ) LCD screen on the back of my camera. So now I'm talking Nate into the idea that we need a labtop!!! (he is so excited to hear that info!) at least my hobbie of photography is cheaper than his hobbie of flying! The only good part was my trip continued to be fun days after i got home when i got to download, edit and play with the pictures.