Friday, November 28, 2008

Levi Richard

Well my camera broke a few months ago and i have been dying for the new Canon 50D. It's on my Christmas list! And you better BeLiEVe I am doing everything i can to be on his nIcE LIst! But until i get that i am left to do photo shoots with my point and shoot. Which i am grateful for my little elph, but it just doesn't have the picture quality and sharpness my 20D had, rest his soul! I hope you enjoy some pics of my new little man in the house.

Thanksgiving at the orphanage!

Emma made the bread basket at school
What better way to spend the day than in jammies and a princess costume
Meg had eaten 2 ears of corn before we even got everything on the table and that was all she would eat 
Meg helped set the table

Levi's first Thanksgiving
The girls enjoyed painting their nails

So with the new baby only a week old and Nate starting Finals next week, Traveling to spend this turkey eating holiday with family became impossible. So we got to enjoy a day with just our little family and what can i say the kids look like orphans! We all stayed in our jammies for the big holiday, which was very enjoyable. I've never cooked everything for Thanksgiving but Nate and i pulled off a pretty great meal!
Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving day!
We are thankful for all of you, friends and family!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

He's here!

Nate, Kerry, Emma, Rex and Meg welcomed a new bundle of joy into their family today! I (Jamie, Aunt and Sister-in-law), was lucky enough to be there to see him brought into the world and take some pictures! What a miracle! He hasn't been officially named, but he weighed in at 7.3 Lbs, and was 18.75 Inches long. He's adorable and the cutest round face with chubby cheeks, and beautiful skin. Kerry will update you further when she gets home! Congrats guys! We love you!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

They closed school for Mon. and Tue. because the air quality is bad from the fires. 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chino Hills

Apparently we have rocked this town. Since we have arrived our little town had been in the news for a big earthquake and now the fires are scorching our town. Nate drives about twenty min. to school and Sat. he went to study and on his way home all 3 routes he takes were blocked by fires. It took him hours to get home. A total pain. But the kids and i enjoyed the day at the movie theatre. We finally got to see HSM3 
if you look close you can see the supertanker plane that drops slurry. They have been flying over head all day

Monday, November 10, 2008

Baja for the weekend

The kids have two day off this week and i just could not sit still at home so i headed off to Mexico for the weekend. I know a bit crazy being 3 weeks from delivery and all but it was a great getaway. The best part is Jake and Jamie came and we got to see the newest Zobrist edition... BETSY. What can we say we all fell in LOVE. Emma especially keeps talking about her and misses her already.
Betsy gives Rex a karate chop to the nose!

Emma is becoming so responsible and great at taking care of the younger kids

Thursday, November 6, 2008


So i go in to check on Meg before i head off to dreamland, and i can't find her. After a moment of freaking out, this is where i find her 
Snug as a bug in her doll crib. i think she misses her old crib, she use to go to sleep so good in it now we have to put her back in her bed 10 times a night.