Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our First Earthquake

Yes we felt our first earthquake. I guess it was our Welcome party from the state of California! It was a 5.3 and the epi-center was Chino Hills. Which is the city we live in. Crazy i know. The kids thought it was cool that they were in their first earthquake.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our New Location

We have found a place to live. We will hopefully be moving in this weekend, but the details are still being worked out! I'm so excited to have a place to call home not that i have not enjoyed the homeless vagabond life.
How cute is it! i have acually not seen it yet, but Nate has and it is in a great area lots of kids, fabulous schools, good ward. So we are excited!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


We had a blast this year in Canada the kids are old enough that we can send them down to the park by themselves, with a buddy of course. 
We went, horse back riding, climbed bears hump, hiked to Blackesten falls, played at the park, threw rocks in the lake, rode the boat up the lake, rafted down the St. Marys river which was pretty daring. We had in a raft 
2 pregnant women(Jaime and I), 
3 2 year olds, yes three i think the guide thought we were nuts! (Lily, Meg, Layla) 
Emma (8) 
Rex (6) 
Crew (6) 
Gracie (4) 
My brother Jake and 
sister-in-law terra,
Meg thought it was great till over the first set of rapids a wall of water went completely over her head then she was not so sure. The best was when Layla got ejected out of the raft and thrown upside down in the row behind her! I know it was a bit brave to take my two year old white water rafting but this has always been one of my favorite activities i just couldn't not go. 

Rex at the park

Emma at Waterton Lake

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bright Cousins Photo Shoot

I know i have not blogged in a month and you would expect pics of our vacation but this photo shoot of Meg and her cousins was so cute i had to post these first, and as you can tell there are a bazillion, i just could not narrow it down any more i'm in love with every pic!

would you believe layla (cutie on the right) is six months younger than Meg and Lily (cutie on the left) is six moths older than Meg... i believe the three of them will be hilarious over the years