Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Photo Finalist

This pic is a finalist at betterphoto.com photo contest. i love it.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I am so excited. We have been accepted to Western State University in Fullerton California. I'm so proud of Nate!

Spring Break

The amazing thing is I'm not in school and i got the best spring break. Nate bought me a ticket to go to Hawaii to see my sisters. He's the best husband. He took his spring break and watched the kids. I had a wonderful time with morning walks on the beach, time with my sisters. It was great fun. Then i was suppose to be home early Wed. morning, but our plane had a small problem and had to land. Basically getting home was a nightmare i took off twice and had to turn around landed back in Honolulu where they gave us no help. they gave us this number and the flights were so booked they said the soonest i could get out of hawaii was Sun. night. Never thought being trapped in paradise would be so miserable! Well that wasn't good enough for me so i worked a miracle with the help of Nate and My Mom and got to Vegas Thus. night. Nate flew him and the kids down Friday and i got to have a Happy Easter with my family... not stranded in an airport in Hawaii. Never Fly U.S. AIRWAYS not a good airline. Over all a grand trip. Thanks Nate i love ya for it!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Derby and Dogs ward family night

The kids had a great time working on our derby car. Emma raced Nates old car he used as a kid it Probably would have done better if she didn't drop it 20 thousand times! Although it did take 5th place! Rex's car took second place only to be beat by his Grandma's car. The evening was very fun, over all a great ward activities.