Sunday, April 17, 2011

Emma played the piano at the ward talent show. She did not miss one note of I Love to See The Temple.
Rex had a great time painting and working on his car for the Pine wood derby. He didn't place cause the car had some technical difficulties. We fixed them but it was to late! He showed great sportsmanship.
Meg on her 5th birthday had to wear her hair with her new outfit.
Meg loves to do hair. I have come home and found her combing, wetting and put clips in Nates hair. The other day she got a hold of Levi!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meg's Tangled party

Meg wanted pink yarn in her headband braids! She was the birthday girl so i said O.K.

Couldn't have done the cake with out my sister. Thanks Katie! We did have to put 2 spoons for added support so it didn't become the leaning tower of Pisa! No one noticed thanks to the frosting!
We painted, searched for stones that had fallen off of Rapunzel's crown practiced walking like a princess. I'm pretty sue Meg's favorite part was opening presents.

Meg had to invite Her babysitter. When she's mad at me she wish she was her Mom!

Baseball season is in full swing

Rex is having a really good year this year. Last year i think he got one hit, the whole season. This year he has gotten a hit every game but one, and i blame that on the guy making the calls! Seriously they were balls not strikes, one hit the base! So Friday his game was almost over and Rex had already hit. My sister and mom were in town and it was getting cold. So i decided to leave at the end when Rex's team was in the outfield. As I was getting to the parking lot I hear all this cheering coming from our field then i hear them cheering for Rex. Apparently the kid had a great hit. Rex reaches out and almost catches it. It roles out of his glove, he picks it up and has a beautiful throw right to first base. GETS the kid out. Seriously plays like this don't happen all that much at this age! He was so excited. So was I!
Love these 2

Meg giving Eliza a scooter lesson!