Sunday, June 21, 2009

First week of summer

Rex did basketball camp at the high school, and won the coaches award... we got some video.

Emma did a cheer camp at the high school, she gets to cheer at a game in the fall. This is julie one of my young women

Girls had pictures for their dance class, dance rehearsal and the recital. Recital day was long and exhausting. Meg was sick so did we keep her home? No. We gave her medicine and sent her on stage, she did great, but you could tell she was lacking some of her usual Meg pizzaz, she will definitely be my performer. The girls really enjoyed it.
Meg fell asleep on our way to take pics I was so glad when she woke up in a good mood!

Emma ready to go I love her feather hair piece, you can't see it in the pics below
These two girls are sisters and in tap class. Hailey was also in her school class and Emma's best friend!
Emma also did a cheer class which was the opening number for the recital