Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Karate Kid video

I'm not going to lie this is not good video. 
Rex's age group was in the last round of competition. So people were starting to leave, and kept walking in front of me. Levi is strapped to my chest in the baby carrier and getting tired. The girls had gone out to the car because they were cold and wanted to listen to High School Musical, so i had to stand close to the door to see them. I almost missed it because i was explaining to a rent a cop that i had been where i could see them the whole time. 

The whole evening was crazy. I was not prepared because we had missed last class and didn't know it was competition night, it is usually on their last day of class, Wed. Anyway Kids were hungry i had to feed Levi in the beginning and i sent Emma in to film Rex, it's so nice to have her being so grown up! But in the end it all turned out good.

My 2 favorite parts of this video are when he is in the middle of the fight and looks over to see if i am their, and of course when he realizes he won.

Did i mention Rex is the youngest in the class.