Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Levi's first Emergency room visit

So on Tue. June 31, 2009 we took Levi to the Emergency room.
He woke up from a nap warm and was having problems breathing, then a rash developed where his diaper is and under his arms, His breathing continued to get worse so we decided to take him in.
Like all ER's they are packed and moving slow.
So i waited in line with with my baby who was struggling to breath. By this time he had missed a meal, and was an hour and a half past his bed time. I could tell he was becoming tired of having to force the air out of his lungs. The rash was now moving down his legs and arms and up past his belly button
So after 10 min. of waiting in line,
I did the old slipped in the back room and asked them to take his oxygen,
it was a bit low but they figured out pretty quick that he was having an allergic reaction and got us back and taken care of we were home and in bed, by one o'clock.
Then Benadryl knocked him out, he slept for 2 days
We believe it was from the vanilla custard with bananas he ate for dinner.
The allergy could be from
non-fat milk egg yokes
whey protein concentrate
wheat flour
or vanilla