Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Riding 4-wheelers in Flag

We had a really fun family adventure to Flagstaff during our trip to Az last week.
First on the drive up the freeway there was a major accident on the road. rumor has it a semi truck was on fire. Closed the freeway for like 5 hours so thanks to the iphone gps we got off the freeway found a road, if it can be called a road we had to put it in 4-wheel drive pull a few cars out that got stuck and send them back to the freeway! Kids loved the whole thing. Then when we got to the cabin it had just finished raining and we all went and rode 4-wheelers. Kids got a little muddy. Wait till you see the video!!! Nates brother came with his 3 girls so the kids got some fun cousin time. The whole week was a great trip.
This is Levis new smile! It Cracks me up

Helmet hair and mud all over your face. Nice!