Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The karate champ

Our first place winner

They have two areas they compete in. One is a routine called Kota 1 which he took third (he doesn't care as much about the Kota). The part he really likes is the fighting. There were 8 boys and Rex was called to go first against another boy. There is no contact allowed. The first boy to three points wins, and Rex scored 2 very quick points. The other boy was frustrated and after timeout was called hit Rex in the face while Rex wasn't looking! The umpires gave Rex the point and he won 3 to 0. He told me afterwords "my eyes watered a little bit, but it didn't hurt." Rex immediately had to fight again against another boy and the winner got first place and the loser got second. These two boys are evenly matched and the score was 2-2 but eventually Rex landed a kick to the other boy's stomach and down he went! Incidental contact is OK so there was no penalty. Rex finished him off after that and won first place. He was so excited you could see in his face how proud he was! ~Nate