Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Friends at the holidays

My really good friend Lisa has this yearly tradition of inviting her girls friends and their familys over and they do a cookie bake. This year all the moms brought a treat for the kids to make, so the kids made rice krispies dipped in chocolate, chocolate dipped oreos, cherries dipped in choc with a kiss to make a mouse, and marshmallow snowmen, topped off with snicker-doodle cookies. Talk about a sugar high! The best part is between six families all the kids have a friend and play for hour and the moms get to talk (adult conversation a rare treat these days!) we had a great time

Meg had to have a snow man doing jump rope. i think she just saw the licorice and came up with a way to at it so she could eat it later.
The third graders
the boys
Rex the ladies boy

Emma and Hailey were twins for twin day at school