Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our first week in LA

So i adventured out on my own... thank heavens for the NUVI GPS Navigational system or i would be lost in the ghetto's of LA, with my tires stolen, my car on blocks, and me still in it! We went to the La Brea Tar Pits. They are right in downtown L.A. these pits of tar have extinct animals from the ice age time that got stuck and now they dig up the bones. They have saber-tooth tigers, huge columbian mammoths, and these huge sloth skeletons
kids on a sloth statue

see the cone in the grass field... they put that there so people don't get tar on them yep this place still has tar there is a natural lake that is half tar and yes they have a fence around it so animals and crazy people don't get stuck in it. I think they worry about the bums trying to take a bath and then they would have to pull them out!. it was kinda cool

They had this replica of a small mammoth and it kinda moved its head from side to side and they had it growling. Rex looked up at me and asked if it was real! It was quit life like

We also spent a day at the beach in Santa Monica Beach right by the pier. Kids loved that.

check out the sand on that cookie hand