Wednesday, June 4, 2008

California people

We had some crazy weeks packing is never fun and i hate to say goodbye so i live in denial that i'm leaving till after i'm gone. So to all those i didn't get to say good bye we are expecting a visit! Here in our new land to catch everyone up we are living in LA for the summer. We are basically downtown and the minority. and the bum under the freeway here has a box springs and mattresses right on the side walk!

Nate has a job selling alarm systems. They pay our rent in this really nice apt. complex. We have an apartment for the summer at the Orsini a really nice brand new apt. and very safe. We have a pool, gym, full size basketball court, putting green, beach volley ball court which the kids call the beach! we are right downtown so we have some really cool museums and things next door but i'm still scared to go out driving by myself the freeways here are nuts!