Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving was awesome. We had a pie party. I got my back adjusted, thanks to Cam. I had a grand time watching my dad manipulate the heat in his broken oven that only broils, with success. I loved watching ; ) my dad and sisters cook pies! We ate the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner. My Aunt Kathie spoiled me like crazy with a trip to the Sonama room! We had a pancake party for levi. We got to see Tangled ( I LOVED IT!) We had a girl lunch and shopping. Then drove home with no traffic. whew back to school on Mon.

Meg Stories:

Meg went early to vegas and my sister was talking with her and teasing her that her feetie pj's were missing their holes in the bottom and Meg said "Baby Jesus calls these Feetie pajamas!"

Where does she come up with this stuff!

She also kept referring to thing in her world or gigi's world. like the movie theatre is something she can relate to so that was in her world. Tip Toe where she got new twinkle toes are in Gigi's world.