Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas review

Christmas day

Yes this is how we found Meg Christmas eve, in her bed
of course they all wanted to sleep together!

The Primary Christmas breakfast and talent show, it's low key, yet very enjoyable.
Emma played Jolly old St. Nicholas on the piano. Rex did Kata 1 karate. I only got pictures of Levi sitting on Santa's lap then my camera died : ( SAD

Twas the night before Christmas read by Nate and Emma

Our Elf on the Shelf has a lady friend thanks to Meg! This is a really cute tradition we do with the kids. Each night the elf finds a new place to hide, the kids love finding him in the morning. We also sent a letter to Santa with (Trinko Winter Rumble) asking him if he could visit us a day early so we could go visit our cousins in Vegas, Which he did. He even left a family wii game for us to play and enjoy as a family!

Christmas memories...
~The kids loved that there were presents in the tree.
~The kids feel they got three Christmas's one in AZ (Sonny flew and got us so we could be with the Hogles for a party) Then One at our house (a day early because their was no way mom and dad were going to haul all the presents out of town!!!) Then one in Vegas on Christmas day.
~Levi when he got up and we walked out into the room to see if Santa had come, jumped out of my arms and ran to his popper Santa had left him and would not let go of it for three hours till nap time.
~If you ask meg if santa came she says no but she got a stocking from him!
~I was so proud of Emma she performed her song for the talent show and in her school class
~ I love that i have no pic of Rex, GREAT! (we did get video of everything in fact we did more video that stills) he loved all the Lego"s he got and pokemon things plus he got a laser pen he thinks is pretty cool and a crystal growing kit