Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Way To Much Candy With A Sugar Overload Day !!!

We had a great Halloween this year. We went to the carnival put on by the city, then we went and visited the kids friends, They had a haunted house in their garage, then we had the Schaumann family, and Jake and Jamie over for soup and rolls, then the traditional trick or treating!

We recycled this year and the girls wore their dance costumes with wings. (ek didn't wan't to wear them on halloween) Emma is getting older, She missed the ward party because she wanted to play at friends

Rex was our ninja (thanks to his karate outfit) add some swords and he was in heaven

Meg loved her wings

Our little skeleton! Love the elf ears his hat gives him in this pic!

i know i'm nuts, costumes for their dolls, Emma was not impressed at first (she is growing up to fast!) but she came around to how cute the idea was!