Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of schools

Emma is excited to be back in school. She loves her pretty tall school that are tennis shoes with a heal. She has been outlining me all week how things are going to go. Sunday we had to paint her nails, her outfit has been laid out since we got back from Vegas. Here hair was going to be straight and down. Who gave her permission to grow up? I told the kids they could have what ever they wanted for lunch, Emma wanted a salad. O.K. so we went with a fruit salad and dip!
She loves her teacher. She sings ands doesn't yell at any of the kids not even the bad ones!

Rex could care less about the details whatever is his motto! I know in his heart he wishes he didn't have to wear shoes ever... including school. He is so chill about the whole back to school thing. For his meal he wanted cereal. So a bag of cereal and bowl and milk money went in his lunch!

This kid cracks me up.
Today She was putting a large size zip-lock bag on her head, As all mother know this is not an O.K. activity, soooo. I asked her twice to stop and she wouldn't so i took the bag off her head.
She ran out of the room crying and said...
And i quote
"You're ruining my life!!!"
She is three where does she come up with this stuff

And this little tyke (yes still in his jammies to deliver the kids to school) Is so cute and edible when he is not being a little stinker. If you look close you can see her has two new chompers that broke a day apart about 2 weeks ago. And he has been spotted on occasion and by accident i'm sure standing.

P.S. Thanks Grannybird for the kids backpacks. And GiGi and Pompa, And Grandma and Grandpa Sonny for the new school clothes