Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meg is going to be 3 this month

Meg loves her tap and ballet class
I could hear Meg tapping and looked over and saw this so i had the camera sitting right next to me and snapped a pic and she sat up and asked if i took a picture and when i said, "Yes" She Thanked me!
Meg is already trying to wear her sisters clothes!
This is Nate putting Meg down for a Sunday nap!

Meg loves to learn. She loves to go to her class. This includes, her little mom and me preschool class, ballet/tap, gymnastics, nursery

Lately Meg like to line things up in rows!
Tonight Meg tooted and when i said "You tooted" to her she said " BUBBLES " and pointed to her booty. I guess that gives a whole new meaning to bubble butt!  This kid is non stop humor. She is my free-spirited hippy child. Who has the potential to become the next olympic gold medalist in gymnastics. She's 2 and did a back walk over in gymnastics class. She can be a little pistol, but she is so much fun it is so worth it!