Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Does this look comfortable to anyone??

Levi's new trick

So it begins, i have lost my newborn and now have a baby who is learning to roll, laugh, grab at things, talk and all the other fun thing that come with a baby. 
My question is why does he poop so much and i'm about ready to put 2 diapers and those plastic swim things on i mean seriously doesn't he know the diapers are there for a reason. How do they get it to go straight up the back? And i'm convinced he thinks it's funny to aim it down one leg, and see if he can get it on me. He always laughs when i strip him down and have to change his whole outfit.
The truth is i love him and WISH i could just sit and enjoy him all day and never have to cook or clean, wouldn't that be nice!