Friday, February 6, 2009

Mom of The Year

at least in Emma's eyes! So Thanks Mom for the sewing classes.
This week at Emma's school The whole 2nd grade has been reading The Wizard of Oz and each day was dedicated to some part of that. Wed. was rainbow day. So on Tue.. night at 11:00p.m. i got home from doing my grocery shopping and since they had no rainbow clothing at Walmart i bought fabric and made this snazzy little skirt.(and still made it to bed before 12:00) I'm no seamstress in fact i think this is the only piece of clothing i have ever made. And if a seamstress looked at it she would cry from how bad it is. But hey with no pattern and no skill i'm impressed! may be i'm easy to impress!

Then to really test my skills i advance to making her Dorothy outfit for friday dress like your favorite character. And yes i used no pattern and just made it up as i went! nuts i know! 
She chose Dorothy because she could take a basket and put her dog in it for Todo. It was all worth it, Emma was so excited she woke up early at 5:00 just to try it on and then put it back on the hanger. She ate toast for breakfast because that is what Dorothy ate while she was in Kansas. The amazing thing was my sewing machine broke on the last stitch. Seriously the last stitch

Notice the pocket? Now you're impressed!