Monday, January 5, 2009

Bake your own Cake!

So Nate and i both had birthdays this week, and we both made our own cakes! Not planned... it just worked out that way.
My birthday is on New Years Eve it can get boring just waiting around for the new year to come so i made plans. Kids made petroglyphs like the indians to commemorate the past. We had a balloon launch for our wishes for the future, hats, poppers, a motorcycle jump at the paris hotel, fireworks on the strip. THE WORKS! (pictures to follow next post or so!) I have been wanting to make these Sweet little treats from here
and thats how i made my own cake
Nate's birthday was highly neglected. I don't even have a picture of the cake he frosted and with candles made a "32." then carried it in for himself because Emma and i and Rex are addicted to My Sims Kingdom on the Wii and he had to come get us so we would sing to him! Poor guy.
The best part was when the kids asked where his presents were Nate asked them if they bought any. At first they said no then they got an idea. 
Give him something we have!
So they ran and found things and wrapped them in blankets
Even Meg caught on to the idea! It was really funny. 

By the way my brothers says these are freakin' awesome but.... they take a long time to make fairly simple but a long process