Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our Life Adventures

The kids reward for cleaning the house on Sat. was a trip to launch rockets. According to them it was the BESTest day of their lives. We were driving around looking for an empty field to launch them in and we found this pumpkin patch they were harvesting so when we were done launching rocket we each got a pumpkin.


Meg was scared of the rockets when they launched!
My Mister Hot Stuff

Nate got home before the kids had gone to bed on friday so we went to the yogurt bar
What Rex does when he thinks no one is watching!!! : )

My wall walker... She is so animated
Emma is getting so big she earned some money and said she wanted to go to Claire's and get some new earrings. Their was another girl at school who had gotten some their. She is getting so old i don't know if i can handle it. She picked out these ice cream dangly ones that were dang cute on her!
Emma had a tea party at school. It was for the whole second grade. It gave them an opportunity to talk about using good manner. Emma was so excited for the day. The reality that we don't live in an area with a lot of LDS came when they served real tea!