Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What we learn from our ancesters

So last Friday my parents came to town to help me get things done they were a great help hung drapes did laundry. One of my kids was whining because their burrito was to crispy so my dad told them the story of Janet Gurley and how her and her bro and sister walked across the plains and when they ran out of food they boiled their leather shoe and ate it. So they should not complain when their burrito is to crispy. at this same time my mom and i were deciding we needed to hang one more curtain, when we told my dad our plan and we were ready for him to hang another he start saying how he had hung four, done laundry and now another. Emma looked at him and said no complaining Grandpa! So he didn't and hung the last drape with a smile : } and it looks great! Thanks for the help and the life lessons!