Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Tree

So last year i got to many projects started for other people, that i didn't even get my christmas tree decorated. I love doing pictures so much but the way i did it last year took all the fun out of it for me. So this year i made sure that i planned better and got things done early so i could have a more enjoyable December. So far it's working. I know they will be early but i mailed my Christmas cards Saturday, I'm so excited that's done. We decorated the tree on Saturday, the kids loved it they were so excited. When we woke up this morning Emma comes in the room and tells me Santa came! I walk in the living room and what to my wondering eyes all the kids stuffed animals and other assorted things are under the tree in our white kitchen trash bags : ) they were so excited i laughed and made them get ready for church. Then after church Nate and I got to open trash bags. Rex had a special gift for me, 1 (not a pair) of his old smelly dirty shoe wrapped in his blue blanket. If the kids get this much fun out of their old stuffed animals imagine the fun we will have christmas morning!